About Us

We are a group of millennials from India who are very interested in sports, and believe that India should be a global sporting nation.

Remember the time when we all use to get up early and set out of the house to play sports, and while in school the only motivation was the games period, we realised that it may not be that feasible to do that now but we can get the news, updates and best recommendations about our favourite sport on the digital platform.

With India prospering in various areas around the world, we believe that it has a big potential in Sports too.

With people having more awareness about various games in the country and supporting Athletes across various Games will boost the productivity of sports in the country, and India can truly become a SPORTING NATION.

If you want to ask something or say something about your favourite sport or wanna tell a story around it, you can express your feelings by connecting with us, we`ll be glad to hear from you.