Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball In India June 2021 (SG, Kookaburra) Reviewed & Compared

Cricket, often considered as the soul of the nation is probably the most popular game in the entire south Asia. With India producing some of the finest players of cricket, it is definitely the lifeline of the country and hence we are here with a list of best cricket bat for leather ball in India.

With all the popular sportsman such as Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Smith playing with various kinds of cricket bats, it becomes confusing as which one is the best cricket bat among them.


cricket bat in india

There are various cricket bat manufacturers such as SG, kookaburra, SS and then they make the cricket bats by different wooden material such as English willow and Kashmir willow therefore a keen observation has to be given to all these products.

Cricket bats comes in various price range, from 500 to even up to 50000 but the cricket bat priced below 500 will not be same as the cricket bat priced below 1000 or 10000.

Of course there is a decent cricket bat available for every budget but you have to be extra careful in opting for one.

Knowing the purpose for which you are purchasing the bat can be very helpful as it might give you a clear picture on how much you are willing to spend on a cricket bat.

A Quick Summary

For Professional 1

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Checklist for Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball In India

There are a lot of variety in cricket bats especially in India where the game  is loved very much.

Consider the following checklist in selecting the best cricket bat for yourself.

Material Used

The wood you see in the cricket bat, from which it is made up of is called as Willow.

There are various kinds of willow which has to be considered.

Kashmir Willow

The kashmir willow is originated from India and is our reply to the English willow.

Generally the Kashmir willow is 3 times stronger than English willow and is relatively cheaper than its English counterpart.

But having less price does not mean that it is inferior in quality it is probably one of the finest  material used for making cricket bats.

Sachin Tendulkar scored his 35th Century with a Cricket bat made up of Kashmir willow Bat.

English Willow

This is the most preferred bat material by leading professional cricketers in the world.

Bats made up of English willow are generally costly.

This willow consists of fibrous timber and provides good agility to the batsman.

Cricket bats made up of English willow are lighter in weight.


There is no standard for the weight of a bat, it is more of a personal choice while selecting a bat.

A heavier bat means that playing drives will be fairly easy while upper body shots like pull, hook etc will be difficult.

On the other hand a lighter bat would mean that playing upper body shots will be easier but the control during the drive has to be maintained.


Cricket bat size price

The size of the bat has to be determined by your height, make sure that while bending to bat the bat is at an appropriate height to your waist and do not collide with your elbow.

To check the FAQ section you can click here!

Best Cricket bats For Cork Ball in Video

Best Cricket Bat For Leather Ball In India

SG Sierra 350 English Willow Cricket Bat

Onurlap`s Rating-

This Bat comes from the house of SG and is of pure gold quality.

This SG cricket bat has thick edges and thick spine therefore providing the perfect balance.

SG Sierra 350 has extra wood in the lower part of the bat hence enhancing the capability of sweet spot.

Despite having an extra wood it is fairly lightweight and playing drives and pulls are a breeze on this cricket bat.

This SG bat price is also in line with the value it provides.

HTML Table Header
Weight1200-1400 Gms
  • Precious Control
  • Very Lightweight
  • Imported short handle
  • English Willow
  • Can be Pricey

GM Six6 909

Onurlap`s Rating-

GM is a renowned brand when it comes to cricket bats.

This GM cricket bat has an elongated sweet spot therefore maximizing the area for a stroke player.

GM Six6 909 has thick 40 mm edges hence accompanying in smooth selection of drives.

The weight  of this GM cricket bat is distributed evenly and hence it is very light weight.

The design of the bat looks modern and is very well-built.

This GM cricket bat comes with an extra grip in the case and one is already rolled on the handle.

HTML Table Header
Weight1200-1400 Gms
  • Light weight
  • Extra Grip
  • Nice control on bat
  • Light weight
  • Can be pricey
  • Knocking in lower part is required

SS Professional Cricket Bat

Onurlap`s Rating-

SS Cricket bat is probably the best bat when it comes to the professional cricketers.

This SS cricket bat has smooth and thick edges and provides spectacular control.

SS cricket bat has a fish like grip making it comfortable for the batsman to grip the bat .

The handle of this cricket bat is made up of sarawak cane therefore making it durable.

This Bat is visually appealing too.

HTML Table Header
SizeFull, short handle
Weight1180 Gms
  • Visually appealing
  • Nice control
  • Good english willow
  • Light weight
  • Fish Like Hande grip
  • Pricey

SG Cobra Xtreme

Onurlap`s Rating-

SG is a very famous name in the cricket world.

When a bat comes from the house of SG then we already know that it is of top quality.

This SG cricket bat has fine and thick edges.

SG Cobra provides a very good balance and hence effective stroke.

SG Cobra Xtreme is very lightweight.

This SG cricket bat is knocked up and is also oiled up already therefore reducing the maintenance of the bat.

HTML Table Header
SizeFull, Short Handle
Weight1100-1250 Gms
  • Oiled up
  • Knocked up
  • Imported handle material
  • Thick edges
  • Value for money
  • No Major Cons

SS Gladiator Cricket Bat

Onurlap`s Rating-

SS Gladiator cricket bat is one of the best cricket bat for leather ball in India.

Most of the international cricket players prefer SS cricket bats too.

This SS cricket bat is very good in looks too.

SS has been very consistent in the quality of its products, both in terms of quality and appearance.

The SS cricket bat is on the lighter side in weight and enable you to opt for any kind of stroke.

It is a very good value for money considering the quality of English willow it provides.

HTML Table Header
Weight1300 Gms
  • Light weight
  • Strong and durable
  • English willow
  • Can be a bit Pricey

DSC Condor Scud

Onurlap`s Rating-

DSC is a famous brand for cricket bats.

It stands for Delux Sports Company.

This bat is made up of Kashmir willow and offers one of the finest performance.

DSC Condor Scud has very thick edges hence providing perfect balance.

This is also very light weight.

There is an extended sweet spot therefore maximizing the area to play big shots.

This DSC Condor Scud comes pre knocked and is a ready to play best cricket bat for leather ball in India.

Toe guard at the base of the bat has also been provided that will protect it from any moisture.

The price at which it comes it is definitely a value for money product.

HTML Table Header
Weight1180 Gms
  • Already Knocked up
  • Thick Edges
  • Big sweet spot
  • Ready to play cricket bat
  • No Major Cons

SS Ton Camo 2.0

Onurlap`s Rating-

SS is one of the most popular and one of the best cricket brand in India if not THE BEST!

This is one of the best cricket bat for leather ball in India as it is designed for leather balls precisely.

The SS cricket bat provides great balance and has a thick bottom hence offering a good sweet spot.

SS brand has been very consistent in terms of quality of its bats and therefore this SS cricket bat is no different.

This bat is very Light weight too.

HTML Table Header
Weight1200 Gms
  • Great balance
  • Thick lower area of bat
  • Good control
  • Good kashmir willow
  • No major cons

GM Sting Cricket Bat

Onurlap`s Rating-

This GM bat is made from a very high quality Kashmir willow.

GM Sting bat can be used to play cricket with both leather ball as well as a tennis ball.

The grains used are of Grade 1 type of bat therefore there is no compromise in quality of the bat.

It supports all kinds of strokes as the bat is very lightweight therefore you can easily control it.

This bat can be used by professional as well as beginners.

We can directly play with this bat as it is already knocked up.

At the price point it comes, it is worth the money.

HTML Table Header
Weight1100-1300 Gms
  • High Quality Willow
  • Perfect Balance
  • Traditional Shape
  • Very Light weight
  • Value for Money
  • No major Cons

Wolfer Juniors Grade 3+

Onurlap`s Rating-

Wolfer is a startup in the market of manufacturing cricket bats.

Since it is a startup there is no doubt that they are making some really good cricket bats at a very attracting price point.

The willow used in this cricket bat is High quality English Willow extracted from the right part of the trees.

The knocking time on the bat is less therefore you can play with this bat as soon as possible.

This is a Grade 3+ Panel therefore top quality.

Wolfer Juniors bat is manufactured based on ICC guidelines.

It is a very versatile bat and it can also be used as a tennis cricket bat.

HTML Table Header
SizeShort Handle
Weight950 Gms
  • Light weight
  • Made by ICC guidelines
  • Good quality willow
  • Value for Money
  • New Company

MRF F Genius Virat Kohli (Tennis Cricket Bat)

Onurlap`s Rating-

MRF is a very popular brand in India and we know that Indian cricket captain Virat kohli uses MRF to play the sport.

It is a very good bat for children as it is sturdy therefore highly durable.

Children up to the age of 15 years can definitely go for this bat.

This is a tennis cricket bat therefore playing with leather ball is not advised with this.

The blade of the bat is made up of Popular willow and is very strong as discussed above.

It has a short handle and a very tight and comfortable grip.


HTML Table Header
SizeShort Handle
Weight999 Gms
  • Light weight
  • Perfect for children
  • Nice Grip
  • Nice tennis cricket bat
  • Value for Money
  • Cannot play with leather ball

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best cricket bat brand in India?

There is no clear answer to this question although all the leading manufacturers provide a good quality bat and hence are worth it.

Some of the best cricket bat brands are :

SG Cricket bat, Kookaburra cricket bat, SS cricket bat, Wolfer cricket Bat, GM cricket Bat, Stellar, Spartan and MRF Cricket bats.

Why is knocking important for cricket bats?

When we do knocking, we hit the grains(wood/willow) of the bat with a certain pressure therefore ensuring that our bat can handle that pressure 

The grains gets properly intact with each other hence while playing the game the fast ball will not rip apart the bat as the bat has already experienced such pressure in knocking.

How many grains are important in a cricket bat?

There is no thumb rule as how many grains are the best for cricket bat but in general the more the grains the better the bat is.

Usually there are 6 to 12 grains in a bat.

Which is the best willow for cricket bats, English Vs Kashmir Willow?

The quality of wood used to make the bat is very critical in ensuring the quality and durability of the bat.

The English Willow is considered as the best willow to make modern international cricket bat, but they are a bit pricey.

Kashmir willow is an alternative to English willow which is also as good as the English willow but at a cheaper price. It is generally used to make the budget friendly bats.

Can I use a cricket bat in the rain?

Absolutely not, the cricket bat has to be protected from getting wet as it will spoils the wood therefore spoiling the bat.

Is oiling Cricket bat important, if yes then how to oil a cricket bat?

Yes, to control and improve the moisture of a cricket bat it is very necessary to oil the cricket bat. It will enhance the capabilities of grains hence improving the life  of the bat.

How to do knocking on a cricket bat?

Once oiling of the bat is done then next task is to compress the grains of the bat by knocking on it.

We must use a wooden hammer to do hit the face of the bat.

Some Accessories for Cricket Bat

Knocking Hammer

Oil For Bat

Grip For Bat


With Cricket being one of the highest celebrated sport in India it is very obvious that the no of products related to cricket in the market will be high hence it becomes confusing as which one is better than the previous one.

A cricket bat is an essential tool which you must consider if you are serious about debuting for India in international formats.

A good quality cricket bat can offer you to seize the match and produce your A game in-front of selectors.

The above list is a through list about the best cricket bat for leather ball in India you can get.

If you have any kind of doubt you can either comment or contact us. 

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