Best Football In India Online Updated (November) 2020 – Reviewed & Compared

Football has a very curious case in India. It is the second most played sport in the country and also the most played global sport around the world. To accomplish the dream of football we first need the Best Football In India.

It is the most played sport around the globe and it is really heartbreaking to see that the sprt is barelly given the respect it deserve in India.

best football in india online

With cricket being the most popular sport in the country it was hard for football to take the limelight, but things are changing, now people are getting interested and with our players constantly hitting the news, the game has a bright future too(hopefully!).

It is pleasing to see that we are now becoming sports liberal and our Athletes are getting supports from their fans or otherwise.​

As the Government of India now focusing on the physical fitness aspect of the citizens, the beautiful game of football is making a name of its on too. 

But we need more stadiums of international standards and public/private funding to take the game to next level.

We have made a list of Best football studs in India for you too, have a look at it if you really enjoy playing football.

You can also check our Best basketball In India article, just in case you like hooping too.

BTW Football shoes are also know as Cleats/Studs.

A Quick Summary

Checklist for opting Best Football In India


Size of the Ball

There are many sizes available in the market but officially size 5 is used for football. The size 3 & 4 also available but those are for children. 

If you are going to purchase Best Football in India, always go with size 5.


There are various kinds of grounds available on which we play football, but you must choose and should be aware of the type of ground we are going to play football on, and according to that, you should purchase a football.

Choosing the right football for the right type of ground matters the most because it helps you to play efficiently also it ensures the durability of the ball.

The Material Used

Footballs are made up of three types of material i.e. PU (polyurethane), PVC (polyvinyl carbonate) and leather. 

Mostly the PU balls are used in matches and PVC balls are used for training.

Sewn and glued footballs

When it comes to quality, the Best Football in India are handmade which always tops the quality parameters, so when you purchase a football always go for handmade footballs because they are the best in terms of quality and can last long.

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Best Football Brands in India (Video Summary)

Best Football in India

Nivia storm Rubber football

Onurlap`s Rating-

Nivia is one of the most trusted sports brands in India and they produce ne of the best quality products.

They are a specialist in manufacturing Best Football in India.

It is a water-resistant football.

The outer side of the ball is made up of rubber for a better grip on mud surface.

It weighs upto 420 to 470g.

Mostly preferred for hard surfaces.

Good performance and durability.

This is handmade football and can last for long.

HTML Table Header
Suited ForAll kinds of Ground
  • Soft synthetic upper
  • Extra lacing option provided with more eyelet holes
  • 3 months Warranty on manufacture defects
  • No Major Cons

Cosco Premier

Onurlap`s Rating-

Cosco one of the best manufactures sports brands in India which provide best footballs in India and other sports equipment.

The Cosco Premier football is mostly used on the hard surface and help you maintain your game without any problem.

Usually this football is used by beginners and it is very durable.

The ball is made up of synthetic rubber .

Coming inside, the bladder of the ball is made by latex, it allows the air to pass slowly rather than bursting on the spot.

The ball weighs up to 400 to 450g

HTML Table Header
Suited ForAll kinds of Ground
  • Latex Bladder
  • Comes with a Pin
  • Very durable
  • No major Cons

Nivia shining star

Onurlap`s Rating-

Nivia Shining Star football is a handmade ball which is very strong and can last long if used properly.

This is ball is made in India and is available in size 5.

The outer side of the ball is made up of rubber which made the ball water-resistant.

This ball is durable in all the conditions and is mostly used on a hard surface.

The ball makes you kick better and provides you the grip to control the ball.

HTML Table Header
Suited ForAll kinds of Ground
  • Made in India
  • Durable
  • Can be a bit pricey

Nivia 279 Torrido Pu

Onurlap`s Rating-

Nivia 279 Torrido PU football is mostly used on a dry surface or grass surface.

The ball is durable and handmade which makes the ball strong enough to survive on a dry surface.

This ball is made up from polyurethane and comes with the latex bladder which makes the air move slowly rather than bursting on the spot.

The ball is specially designed for advanced players who play professional games although there is no problem even when you play outside your house.

HTML Table Header
Suited ForAll kinds of Ground
  • Hand Stitched
  • Latex Bladder
  • Profesional Ball
  • Can be a bit pricy

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Football in India brand?

It becomes very crucial when deciding a brand for football . It should not only provides the optimum performance but also should ensure that it is durable and do not get shaped out during the course of play.

There are many popular brands which provides the best football in India but there is no 1 brand suit all too!

The best one is the one which provides performance, safety and are not overly priced too. 

It should be value for money.

Which size should I buy?

If you are less than 10 year old get the size 4.

Otherwise just get the size 5.

What is my football ground type?

As far as India is concerned the ground outside your house will be a hard ground and all other “pro” grounds you see will be grassy to wet.

But you don`t have to worry about that as the balls recommended are based on consideration of all kinds of ground so that you make a wiser purchase.

Should I buy Best Football in India Online or Offline

These are modern times. The Footballs are manufactured by the companies and not by the shops, hence there are same at both the places.


Buying Online gives you better price and ensure that you have a satisfaction. If you do not like it you can return them back too.

We recommend you to buy Online.


With the sport of football foraying into newer heights in India, it is just a matter of time that we too will be participating in international tournaments.

Also media is now covering the game to a greater extent as before hence, there is definitely a Hope.

With so many options of Football available in the market it can become difficult to choose the right football for you.

Hence we came up with the above stated recommendations. These are the finest footballs available in the country.

You can directly pick anyone of them up and play!

If you have any kind of doubt you can either comment or contact us. 

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