Best Handpicked 5 Football shoes under 1000 India (June) 2021-(Latest Reviewed)

Why Football shoes under 1000? 

Football is one of the most loved and enjoyable sports in India. When it comes to playing football whether it is with friends on a Sunday morning or playing for a club you need the best and affordable pair of football shoes that can last long and provides you comfort and durability.

best football shoes in india

Football shoes come in many variants, it differs from person to person whether you are a beginner or a pro player at some point in time you need a good pair of football shoes when you desire to play football.

Many people get confused when it comes to buying studs/football shoes, they are unable to decide which brand or which colour they should buy. There are many sports company which claim to provides the best football shoes but they are a bit expensive shoes therefore are not affordable by everyone.

But why do you think we are here for?

We are here to serve you with the list of Best Football shoes under 1000 Rs in India, have a look through every product in the list, we have picked best Football shoes under 1000 in the market under this range.

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Before you buy football Football shoes always keep in mind a few things that will help you in buying the best and affordable pair of Football shoes . Don’t RUSH IT.

Dry surface

  • If you play on dry surface always go for FG (firm ground) Football shoes .

  Wet surface

  •  If you play on wet, muddy and grass always choose an SG (soft ground) Football shoes that provide support and will keep you stand safe.

        Hard surface

  •  If you play on a hard surface like synthetic grass always goes for HG (hard ground) which give you support without locking your feet.
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Best 5 Football shoes under 1000 in India

Nivia Premier Carbonite

Onurlap`s Rating-

Nivia! Name itself is enough. It is best known for manufacturing varieties of sports gears.

This brand provides the best and durable football shoes for beginners which helps them to improve their performance.

Nivia premier carbonite comes with the TPU sole which is suitable for synthetic and hard ground.

The outsole is made up of leather which prevents water.

HTML Table Header
MaterialPVC Synthetic Leather
Suitable GroundGrass Turf, Artificial Turf and Muddy Turf
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Water proof insole board
  • No Major Cons


Onurlap`s Rating-

Again, Nivia is the best sports brands which provide you durable and comfortable Football shoes when it comes to comfort Nivia provides the best Football shoes to their customers.

Nivia Dominator is the most loved Football shoes among the beginners and they chose this shoe because it is designed for those who love to play a game.

It gives you good support on the ground and makes you control the ball well.

The upper sole is made up of AIR MESH TPU.

It is one of the lightest and toughest Football shoes in its category. Chip shots can be performed very easily with this Football shoes .

HTML Table Header
Suitable GroundSynthetic and Artificial Turf
  • Easy to control the ball
  • Chip shots can perform easily
  • Good Looking
  • Value for money
  • For the first time wear it will be tight after the first use it will get loose and fit comfortably

Vector X Dynamic 001

Onurlap`s Rating-

Vector is one of the most trusted sports companies among Indians which provides the best and durable Football shoes for the beginners and pro players.

Vector x Dynamic 001 football shoe specially designed for the quickest and more elusive players on the field.

This Football shoes is made up of synthetic leather which provides a better grip to players while on the field and makes them perform better.

These Football shoes are designed to control the ball on firm ground, grass and hard ground.

The sole of the Football shoe is made up of PVC sole to make the Football shoes tough and strong.

These Football shoes come with lace-up closure to keep your feet secure.

These vector Football shoes specially designed to give you better support and control while on the field.


HTML Table Header
MaterialPVC Synthetic Leather
Suitable GroundGrass Turf and Artificial Turf
  • Made up of PVC sole to make the Football shoe tough and strong
  • Ease control on ball
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Durable
  • It can be a bit heavy but if you have skills then it could be a plus point

Nivia 1157BK Dominator

Onurlap`s Rating-

Nivia provides you the most comfortable and durable Football shoes , it is a specially designed Football shoe for beginners at the learning stage.

This brand always comes with the best quality Football shoes and make sure that the customer gets what they want.

Nivia Dominator 2.0 is the most stylish and comfortable Football shoes when it comes to performance it gives you the best kicking and accurate shots and made it easy to control the ball.

It comes with a single component.

Sole of this Football shoe is made up of TPU which is very flexible from the toe area to perform the perfect shot.

The outer material is made up of PU.

The inner side of the Football shoe is molded and provided the extra socks for better comfort.

It gives you better performance and makes you control the ball very easily.

HTML Table Header
MaterialPoly Urethane (PU)
Suitable GroundMuddy Turf, Artificial Turf and Synthetic Turf
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable and DURABLE
  • No major cons

Nivia Destroyer

Onurlap`s Rating-

Nivia is the best sports manufacturing company which makes sports equipment and sportswear.

Nivia provides the best and durable Football shoe for beginners which helps them to better their performance.

Destroyer 2.0 is the most stylish and best for those who love to play a good game and want to enhance their performance.

This is designed for the hard surface and comes with 11 cleats fixed to provide a better grip on the ground and it made it easy to control the ball.

Its inner sole is soft to provide you comfort and makes you feel better while on the ground.

It comes with the best quality and lasts for a good time.

HTML Table Header
MaterialHard PVC
Suitable GroundMuddy Turf and Synthetic Turf
  • Soft and padded footbed
  • Comfortable fit for wide feet too
  • Durable
  • Bit Heavier compared to other Football shoe in this list

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best football shoes brand?

It becomes very crucial when deciding a brand for football shoes. It should not only provides the optimum performance but also should ensure that our feet do not hurt and we are safe and sound.

There are many popular brands which provides the quality of football shoes and takes care of us too. Some of them are Adidas, Nike, Puma, Mizuno etc.

The best one is the one which provides performance, safety and are not overly priced too. They should be value for money.

Which size should I buy?

If you are a junior or then get the pair with 1 size bigger than your usual size, as you might grow in the future.

If you are an adult, get the exact fit. neither small nor bigger.

It will help you retain and maximize grip.

What are Football shoes in India called?

Football shoes are called Cleats in North America, Football Boots in Europe and in India they are called as Football shoe or Stud, with Love.

Should I buy Football shoes in India, Online or Offline?

These are modern times. The Football shoes are manufactured by the companies and not by the shops, hence there are same at both the places.


Buying Online gives you better price and ensure that you have a satisfaction. If you do not like it you can return them back too.

We recommend you to buy Online.


With an abundance of Football shoes in India it becomes chaotic to find the right one for you.With more and more people opting to play football it becomes evident that India is walking in the right track.

The shoes we buy should hold some credibility and must be a value for money purchase too. When the passion and enthusiasm is coupled with right equipment then the magic happens.

When buying a sports equipment and typically a shoe you should not shy away from spending a little extra, as it can directly impact the health of an individual. Buy Once and Buy Right.

The list provided has all the best football shoes in India and you will be safe with any one of them.

If you have any kind of doubt you can either comment or contact us. 

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