(New) Best Walking Shoes for Men In India (June) 2021-(Reviewed & Compared)

Walking shoes is very important now not just because it helps in walking but also walking itself is helpful for life.

The most fundamental and basic task we do in our lives is walk hence we need a superb pair of shoes hence we provide you the best possible shoes available in the market.

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Walking shoes are like oxygen because you need them as much as you need oxygen because you have to set out of your place in order to do the desired task.

The first thing we do is walk and the last thing we do in the day is walk back home, hence we should walk carefully too!

With doctors coming out with reports stating that a half hour walk daily is cure to numeral no of disease, it becomes a necessity to walk, also to fulfill this we do not require any kind of equipment it just requires  WALKING SHOES! 

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A Quick Summary

Checklist for Best Walking Shoes for Men in India

Before you buy Walking shoes always keep in mind a few things that help you to get the best and value for money pair of walking shoes, it will not only bring the best game in you but also ensures that it does not hurt after a walk.

It is a very critical point in the long run.

The Weight

Make sure that the shoes you select are relatively light weight as this will not deploy any pressure on the knees and hence enables you to walk for a long with less of an effort, which is what we should always aim.


When we walk the weight of our body moves in the up and down motion from our HEELS TO BALL TO TOES and vise versa, it is very critical that our weight distribution on the shoe is even and hence aid us in maintaining better health.

Type of Feet

Do one thing dip the feet in water and take the impression of it on the ground if you see a wide impression than you have flat feet but if you see a narrow impression than you have a arch type feet. Make sure that you have a support system in your shoe.

To check the FAQ section you can click here!

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Best Walking Shoes for Men In India In Quick Video

Best Walking Shoes for Men In India

Power Men's N Walk Refresh

Onurlap`s Rating-

The sole of this shoe provide a quality grip and ensures you that slipping on floors are no more a problem now.

It has a comforting sole and enables a smooth movement.

The cushioning provide in the shoe is extra ordinary.

It looks pretty sporty too.

  • Anti Slippery sole
  • Nice Cushions inside
  • Value for Money
  • No Major Cons

Skechers Men's Go Walk

Onurlap`s Rating-

It comes from the house of Skechers, if you do not know then it is a very reputed brand in the name of shoes.

These walking shoes are extremely lightweight. It offers insane amount of comfort.

This shoe has memory foam which is very essential for walking and provides an added customized comfort.

  • Nice Grip
  • Very good cushioning
  • Perfect comfort
  • Can be a bit Pricey

Sparx Men SM-375

Onurlap`s Rating-

Just like Akshay Kumar said Sparx is really adding Sparx to our life and this product is no different too.

Sparx is a well reputed brand in shoe industry and hence there is no doubt that this shoe provide an insane amount of comfort.

This shoe is well in budget for many and hence is probably the best value for money product.

It has a soft cushioning.

These walking shoes are at par with the best in the class.

  • Good Grip
  • Comfortable
  • Indian Brand
  • Very Affordale
  • Availability of Size can be a issue

Red Tape Men's Nordic Walking Shoes

Onurlap`s Rating-

First of all these shoes is stunning in looks.

They come from a renowned house RedTape.

The comfort provided is extra special.

The cushioning is well taken care of and aids very well in walking.

The sole comes with EVA(ethylene vinyl acetate) which ensures that it does not slips.

Shoes are light weight too.

You can wear these walking shoes outside too as the looks stunning.

  • Good looks
  • Very comfortable
  • Nice Anti Slippery Sole
  • No major Cons

Bacca Bucci Performance

Onurlap`s Rating-

These pair of Walking shoes looks pretty too.

They have a very unique design and serves the purpose of walking well.

This shoe has MD Sole which ensures that it does not slips.

Soft & Comfortable & Breathable knited upper material make it possible that your feet to breath when we walk.

This walking shoe is comfortable, fashionable, anti slippery and affordable, it pretty much has everything. 

  • Knitted upper material
  • Fashionable
  • Anti slippery
  • No major cons

BATA Men's Sports Walking Shoes

Onurlap`s Rating-

When the name is Bata then you know that the quality will be top notch.

It looks very fashionable.

The best value for money when in Budget.

These walking shoes are very comfortable and fits very well.

The material used in making the shoe is also skin friendly.

You are wear these shoes to office too as they are classic in looks too.

  • Best Value for money
  • Very Comfortable
  • Looks good
  • No Major Cons

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we buy Running shoes for Walking?

Technically no, honestly Yes!

While running the shoes has to take 2-3 times of our weight while this is not the case in walking, but walking shoe provides the right cushioning and sole which is appropriate for balance.

I have arch feet which shoe is best for me?

The above mentioned walking shoes are best for both the types of feet be it Arch or flat feet.

What are Football shoes called?

Football shoes are called Cleats in North America, Football Boots in Europe and in India they are called as Studs with Love.

Should I buy Walking shoes Online or Offline

These are modern times. The Walking shoes are manufactured by the companies and not by the shops, hence there are same at both the places.


Buying Online gives you better price and ensure that you have a satisfaction. If you do not like it you can return them back too.

We recommend you to buy Online.


With increased awareness about health and people opting methods to improve their health it becomes very obvious that walking is the 1st place to start from.

The shoes we buy should hold some credibility and must be a value for money purchase too. When the passion and enthusiasm is coupled with right equipment then the magic happens.

When buying a sports equipment and typically a shoe you should not shy away from spending a little extra, as it can directly impact the health of an individual. Buy Once and Buy Right.

If you have any kind of doubt you can either comment or contact us. 

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